Unable to Cast to Custom Player Controller Class

I am trying to access properties from my custom player controller class, however, whenever I cast from the player controller to the custom class, it is always failing. The get player controller function is being called from a blueprint widget, which I am using for the game’s hud. I made sure in the world settings to have selected the correct game mode, as well as checked that the correct player controller class has been selected. I am using unreal engine 4.12. Any ideas?

p.s: The index being passed was 0 and when I did a print string of the display name of the returned value resulting from the “Get Player Controller” it says Player Controller.

Hi, im not sure but have you tried to not modify player index?
Second thing to consider is maybe that the widget blueprint exist only on owning client, and player controller on client and server… this may cause problems but im not 100% sure…

Us it printing the failed string?

If your getting access none. Try putting a .2 delay before that function is called

Try to put the same custom player controller for both of the classes and see if you have any improvement.