Unable to call a function on MyCharacter

For some reason I am suddenly unable to call any functions on MyCharacter. Even though they worked just fine a few minutes before. Any ideas how I could solve this would be greatly appreciated as it’s completely stopped me from being able to work.

As an additional note I checked and all the functions in MyCharacter are public.

You can see in this pic that I was able to access it at one point and now it’s just gone. In fact I can’t access any of the MyCharacter functions anymore.

The plot thickens…

So I opened up another BP that was referencing MyCharacter. It was using an actor reference that was doing a cast to MyCharacter. I tried a call from that node and the functions appeared in the popup as they should.

So then I dragged a “get” of the MyCharacter ref into that BP and tried a “Call” on it. None of the functions showed up.

Then I went back to the cast that I checked just a moment ago and now all it’s functions were hidden.

Something seems very broken. :frowning: Restarting the editor doesn’t seem to change anything.

Ok I think I solved this.

It seems the issue is with what you type into the context menu. For some reason if you right click inside a BP and start typing “call FUNCTIONNAME” you will get a list of that BPs functions.

However if you drag off an object ref and start typing “call FUNCTIONNAME” it will instead search for functions with the word “call” in them.

Kind of confusing but this may be intentional to distinguish the difference between internal and external function calls? Not sure exactly but felt like a bug to me.

Anyhoo. Basically I need more sleep. :wink: