Unable to blend Idle animation to Walk animation

Hi there,

So I haven’t been using UE4 for a while and now that I’m back I’m trying to get a grip on the Blendspaces.

I have a small (big) problem, no matter what I do with my blendspaces I literally can’t get my character to move from Idle animation to the Walking animation.

It imports without problem, I can edit it without problem, I save without problem and I apply without problem.

but then, when I test it out, it’s just the Idle animation all the time while standing still, moving, jumping you name it.

I’m using a Blendspace 1D and I’ve followed every third-party and Unreal tutorial about this and it literally won’t work!

Please help, this is literally stopping me from doing anything!

I’m having a somewhat relatable issue but with a 2D blend space. I can get an idle, walk, and run in a 1D bs to work fine, however in a 2d bs I can’t get any walk right / left , run right/ left animation to work once I hit play, but if you are like me everything looks fine during the preview.

Here is the tutorial I followed to first set up my walk in my event graph of character BP , then I later added a blend space in my ABP.

If the character is showing Idle all the time, that means at the very least the AnimBlueprint is setup correctly and it is working. You have to provide an input variable to the blendspace to tell it which animation blend it needs to show.

That would be something like 0 for idle, 0.5 for walk and 1.0 for run or perhaps you might use actual speeds instead. You need to check the code that decides what value this variable should be. if it is calculated correctly and if it is properly hooked up to the 1D blendspace.

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