Unable to binding Groom to rig

Ive done this successfully a few times but have run into an issue that I cant seem to solve with one Cinematic scene.
Im trying to bind hair to my character and Im having a couple of issues.
1 is that the hair assets are coming in with an offset. Ive gone into Maya xgen and tried to remove any history by Transfering to another object, but it appears to be broken as the Maya tuts are simple however Im getting errors doing the same thing.
2 I can create the Bind Asset with this offset hair, but it wont adhere to the mesh bind slot- I select it and it vanishes

Ive manually offset the geo pre and post import, and reimport, but nothing makes that Bind asset stick.

Has anyone had this problem? What does the Bind asset need to stick to the asset? Im wondering if theyre 2 separate issue… but assume its connected

Any help would be appreciated.

ok, to simplify the question.

Why, how or where is UE4 creating this offset for an fbx import?
Ive exported the head and the hair and reimported it into Maya and its fine, so it would appear to only happen coming into UE4 and Ive not had this problem before.


What version are you using? From my experience using 4.26, it has serious problems when binding. I don’t use it and with the new LOD feature, don’t see why its necessary. The only way I’ve seen it work is if all the following conditions are met (which is beyond difficult imho)

  1. You have to zero out the character in world space
  2. You have to have the height of the groom perfectly match the character and the pivot points need to be at the feet
  3. When importing the groom it needs to be facing the same direction/ same height height ( be at 0,0,0 rotation)

So if the groom was created on another character or mesh the chances of successful binding are very low.

Thanks for this. I seemed have gotten around it now, but I have a lot of probs with the groom component. When it works its great. but most of the time its binding incorrectly and usually UE4 crashes… regularly in fact, after applying a groom, and always when saving all

i have a same issue , when i set Groom Asset,everything is normal,But when i add a Binding Asset, hari position have a littet offset, can not fit mesh position,Any help would be appreciated.