Unable to apply cloth from imported file

I found the answer. The problem was that one of the places on my mesh had two overlapping triangles, so I just had to go into Blender and “Remove Doubles” on every single submesh.

This still didn’t fix the physics problem.

I’m trying to import an apex clothing file into my project since the cloth seems to be buggy when generated in-editor as detailed here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/662848/clothing-problems-with-custom-mesh.html

I was able to successfully make the cloth in the NVidia Apex SDK, and I was able to import it into my mesh. However, when I try to apply the cloth physics to any section of the mesh, it throws an error at me:

LogClothingAsset:Warning: Failed to generate skinning data, found conincident vertices in triangle A=X=-5.000 Y=15.000 Z=50.000 B=X=-5.000 Y=20.000 Z=50.000 C=X=-5.000 Y=10.000 Z=50.000

Could anybody help me understand why this is happening and how I can fix it?

Thanks for help! Had the same problem. I even posted under another question concerning the same problem but found answer here :slight_smile: