Unable to alter the colour of a mannequin


I’m following this video tutorial
The part I’m having troubles with is changing the colours of the mannequin.

I understand that the video is based on previous versions of UE4 so the interface and materials for the character are displayed differently.

My question then will be in the form of a request.

Can anyone post a step-by-step tutorial on how to alter just the colour overlay dynamically of the character whenever I push a button during gameplay? Thanks.

I don’t see anything in that video that is out of date, where exactly did you get stuck? You just need a material that has a vector parameter, in your character blueprint’s construction script, create a dynamic material instance of that material and store it as a variable. Then whenever you want to change the color, just grab the material reference and “Set Vector Parameter Value” off of it, with whatever color input you want. It’s all in the video though.