Unable to access variable on Character Blueprint

Hi guys, I’m working on a project right now and i’m trying to set up my character to move from tile to tile, a set number of units. I have the tile size variable (and other useful variables) created on a Blueprint that spawns the grid. I’m already using those variables on a number of other blueprints but when i tried to acess them on my ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint, i got the “Acessed none” error. This happened to me when I was working on another blueprint, but i fixed by setting the default value of the reference to my SpawnGrid_BP. This time, even if i put an instance of my character (There is no instance of it at the moment, Its being spawned by the player start) on the level and change the default value of the reference, I still get the error. Any ideias on how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Abstracted,

I will attach some screenshots of my project and the blueprints. I basically created a float variable (Tile Size) on the SpawnGrid_BP and setted it to public. Then on my ThirdPersonCharacter_BP, I created a reference variable for the SpawnGrid_BP and tried to get the value of the Tile Size with it, but i keep receiving the Accessed None error. I also tried to put an instance of my character on the level and set the value of the reference variable on the default tab to the SpawnGrid_BP, but I still get the error :confused: