Unable to access Blueprint variables in my HUD Blueprint

Hi folks,

As you can tell from the question above I am trying to hand values through from one of my blueprints to another. I am trying to hand variable values through from an actor class through into a HUD Blueprint.

My initial tactic for this was to set up a reference for the Actor class within the HUD Blueprint so I could call on the values. This however did not work at all. I then tried setting up an interface allowing them to talk to each other but this still did not work. Finally I thought I could hand in the values through another connected Blueprint that was actually sharing information but this still did not work.

I have included screen shots of the Blueprints that were not working. I merely need access to these so I can calculate the damage for various enemies and so I can update a progress bar with a dwindling health pool.

Any help will be much appreciated,

Carcer Dun

Image 1: the BP I want to share and access

Image 2: The Interface I used to try and get them to talk to each other

Image 3: The HUD Blueprint with reference to the actor I want access too(I did make it public but this was having to go back to show what I did)

Image 4: HUD Blueprint with reference to actor after it has been moved into the PlayerCharacter which I can access

With the PlayerCharacter I am already doing that and it was having no effect.
With the original Actor(enemyBP) it was impossible to do that, so it didn’t work.
Thank you though.

You could try casting ?

Basically if you cast using your player character you can access any variable you want from your hud.


Mine is a template so its using defualt FirstPersonCharacter, you should cast to your character class then off As First Person Character you can get or set any Var

Hope this helps

Sorry i couldn’t be of more help with your enemytohudBP function you could try adding input and output variables, then setting a variable through the enemyBP then accessing it using the function on your HUD.

Or failing that use a blueprint interface then refrence it in the class settings of the widget and EnemyBP

That seems to have worked. thank you very much! Sorry about the late reply, work caught up and all.

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