Un Pasillo simple de una nave

Camino a la sala de control de una nava espacial


Some people have widely different ideas of what “completed” means.

Lol, yes. - This should be moved to WIP surely?

Si, esta completo solo quería hacer una pasillo todo limpio y esa es la temática.

I do not speak Spanish or what ever but this looks good and it needs to be moved to the correct section. Also do not post non English in these sections. There is proper sections for this language, thanks!

Don´t look bad, may be a bit repetitive.
Slam_ means that this corridor is the full project. I dont know if you can post singles images in this post or need to remove to WIP section (even if the corridor is the entire project)

Slam_ si vas a continuar con el proyecto transládalo a la sección de WIP para que podamos seguirlo ahí.
Un saludo.


OKa, :frowning: :eek:

more pictures ?

Use Google translate too please. :slight_smile: I had to just to figure out what you said. :frowning:

Thats 4 planes and some textures from

I agree… Also posting just one picture… I don’t know, if he/she had shown us more… Anyways this doesn’t look finished to me by any stretch of the imagination.

I see 5 planes?

Cool but I don’t know about complete.