Un-parented panels crowding the Windows task bar?

I’ve been rearranging my editor windows to suit my super duper 3 monitor setup :smiley: and I just noticed that when I drag out each inspector in order to position them where I want them across my screens, they each are showing up as their own program in my windows task bar. However they act as if they are parented to the main project program (and they should because they are!). I would love for this to not be the case, I only need one UnrealEngine project down on my task bar.

Hi Chingwa!

Could you post a screenshot? I’d love to see what it looks like.

For context, we have two types of tabs: Big Tabs (tapered edges) and Little Tabs. The Big Tabs tend to require more screen real-estate and they will show up on the task bar. The Little Tabs are children of Big Tabs (for the most part) and do not show up on the task bar. I suspect that what you’re running into is that we’re currently using Big Tabs in places where a Little Tab would do just fine. If that’s the case, then I have good news: we are already discussing changing some of those editors (a.k.a. inspectors) to use a Little Tab. Still, I’d love to see a screenshot

Thanks for the reply crackpots,

you can an example screenshot below… ideally I’d want to only have one “project” tab show up down on the task bar. note, i have a 3 monitor setup and I have at least one UE tab open in each monitor (my taskbar only spans the middle monitor). Also, it seems that the layout of these tabs isn’t saved after I close out of the engine and then reopen… despite clicking on the “window/save layout” option. Eventually, it would be really really handy to be able to save multiple layouts and give it a name (similar to photoshop/Illustrator etc). This would allow for quick switching between different types of editor tasks.