Un/Lock character into moving chair on rails

I’m making a space station with rooms. These rooms can be accessed by sitting in a chair and the chair will move between them like on a rail.

I could make an array of positions and then check if the user can move to the next or previous rooms. But this gets a bit tricky when movement could potentially be in all directions. I also need to have the player sit in the chair and lock him there until destination is reached (the player is body-less for now so don’t worry about things lining up and animations).

  1. how do i move a chair (BluePrint) along pre-determined nodes/path? Do I have to build a custom function for this?
  2. How do I lock the player character in said chair between travel points (sit/unsit)?

I could make an array with movement indstructions and a variable that keeps track of where the chair is. It just seems like a thing that would be built into the engine. Spline path or something? I don’t have any idea about locking the player to the chair however…

Hi Mate

Just throwing something out there. You could have a pawn in the Chair set up and just posses it, make it Visible - If Needed. Or just take control of the camera on the chair, teleport you character to the destination and go back to Character when destination meet.

You could do multiple Splines going to where you want. Depending on the destination, choose a different spline.


Sounds interesting, I’ll get back to you once I’ve tried it.

Splines worked wonderfully! Possessing the chair won’t be viable when I add animations in the long run I think. I’d need some sort of blueprint that glues the character and the chair together momentarily (getting on/off).

Did you ever find a solution?

Only for moving along rails. Not for locking the player to the chair. Unfortunately.