Un-copyable Blueprint Nodes annoying

Certain nodes like “Set Scalar Parameter Value” and some nodes tied directly to actors in the level blueprint don’t allow for duplication.

You can’t hit CTRL-W or copy/paste them.

It seems based on if it’s a node that’s supposed to be tied to a specific element or a node that never shows up under “Context Sensitive”.

You have to recreate them from the menu again and again and set each one up to get copies of them and this is irritating, especially when filtering that menu takes like 3-5 seconds before your text input even starts to register.

Case study:

  1. Create a scene effect with 6 parameter collection entries.

  2. Use timelines to control the animation of these parameters.

  3. Realize the event needs to be in another blueprint with a dispatcher.

  4. Saw at your neck with a stale pizza crust.

I assume that you’ve done this as a safety measure to help people avoid bad code layouts, but at some point you gotta let those little baby birds fall to their deaths or they’ll never learn to fly.

I noticed this too. Its unfortunate because I use to take advantage it! D: