Un able to see the created function or category in blueprint

I am trying to use the ufunction(blueprintcallable,category =“damages”) so my function will show up on the blueprint but it is not working, i am able to compile it.

post the code. Did you search for the exact function name? Because you don’t have any meta specifiers for “keywords” so you can’t search by anything except the exact name. Also, what type of C++ class did you create? A blueprint function library? An actor component with functions inside etc?

I fixed it I am able to fix it now. Also how would you do blueprintimplementableevent. This how I setup the blueimplementable

Unfuncion(BlueimplementableEvent,Category =“Damages”)
Void CalculateValue_Implementable();

;do something
That is correct right?

Obviously blueimplementable =blueprintimplementableevent

For blueprint implementable events this is how you do them. In the header file:

// Function called when the clock has finished counting down


void FillBar_Completed();

In the C++ file:

// Fire off blueprint event when fill bar is done filling or emptying


Wherever you want this event to execute you write it in the program. You don’t code the event itself, that will be handled in blueprints