UMG zoomable image HELP!!!!

Hi everyone. I really need help with UMG. What I’m trying to do is to scale and zoom in (and panning) on an image in my widget. I thought it was scale box but I was wrong. I need to zoom in on the minimap using UMG anyone know how to do it? The picture below is the minimap i have now. thanks. One guy in another place told me the best way to get it done it was to create a material with my image, that’s what i did but i don’t know how to change the parameters of the image from my widget. i’m trying to zoom into the map but i’ve been trying for a few days and i can’t figure this out. if someone can help me i’d be so happy. thanks!!!


Hey man, Did you ever get this done?
Ive got a system to zoom and pan the image to the mouse cursor (adjusting the alignment) its not quite working out though, so have been looking at what others have done.

Any luck? :slight_smile: