[UMG] Working with animations

I’m really curious how people are working with animations with UMG. I don’t mean, “how do you play an animation”, more like workflow.

I’m finding it very frustrating right now to actually work in the UMG editor because I want to have transitions in my screens and on elements. So let’s say it’s a simple fade in (but it can really be anything); I have to set my widgets to alpha 0 and fade them in with an animation. I don’t love that I have to wrap them in a border (rather than being able to animate alpha of a panel) but whatever, borders work. However, now my entire screen is invisible and I can’t easily work on the screen because each element has it’s own animation timeline.

How this would work in Flash/Scaleform would be you’d be able to move the playhead of the timeline to the correct position after your intro and continue working from there. I understand that UMG is a different system and we need to learn to let go, but right now there seems to just be no way to work on a screen once animation has been applied.

So I’m wondering how everyone else is working right now in UMG with animation.