[UMG] Widgets overlap Mobile default touch interface. A way around it?

UE4 v4.5.

A UMG widgets which has content in the same position as the mobile touch interface will render the touch interface obsolete. It overlaps and takes priority of over the default mobile touch interface. Is there a way around this issue? to give priority to the mobile touch interface joystick?


bump . This issue is still a game breaker.

Nov 5th

Bump, unless anyone has found a solution?


First recommendation is to design your UI a bit different so that the touch interface do not overlap the widget elements.
If however you are sitting with lets say a border or something invisible that is overlapping it… select that element and set visibility to Self hit test invisible.

I had this issue and by doing that i was able to get control back on my touch interface

Not sure if you still have this problem, but I just encountered it today. I fixed it by making sure both the Canvas Panel as well as the root of the UMG widget were set to “Self Hit Test.” I had set them to Visible before, not realizing that this would make them “block” pretty much everything else on the screen, including the touch interface. Hope this helps