UMG Widget switcher child, communication with parent widget HELP!

Hello :slight_smile:
Im working on a Game menu and its using a widget switcher. The default widget in the switcher is the actual game settings widget screen and when I press each of the audio, display, controls buttons the widget is supposed to switch to each sub menu for that button.

My Issue is that Im adding a back button in each of the sub menu widgets to make the parent widget switch back to the default settings widget when pressed.
But no matter what try Its not communicating .
I have tried casting but cant find anything it will connect to.
Interfaces and creating a ref directly in the Submenu and calling the event directly …

nothing works and I dont know why :frowning:

Why dont these work? Using interfaces.
why cant a child widget of the switcher comunicate with the parent widget containing it.

You probably did it idk…

Overview: Use your playercontroller or hud to acces the menu. And the variable that has of owningplayer…

1 store a reference in your HUD or PlayerController of your menu.
2 Acces it with GetOwningPlayerController ( or something like that )
3 Acces all your menu widgets with that method.
I just want to help.