UMG Widget Slider Cursor

Hi all.
I’ve made a UMG widget slider, set it to invisible and am using it to rotate Inventory objects in a game I’m making.
When “sliding” however, I get the standard windows slide cursor and can’t for the life of me figure out how to disable it or at least make it be the normal mouse cursor.
Does anyone know how to do this?

I believe you simply would need to change this option here in the settings for the slider:

Note that you’ll need to click on the arrow at the bottom of the settings for that category as the cursor parameter is hidden.

I tried that, but it simply uses the chosen cursor while hovering, not while dragging, then it goes back to the standard one seen in my picture. It’s really strange that I can’t find an option for the dragging cursor as well.

Ah yeah… my bad. There are options in the project settings to use custom cursor widgets… but I’m not seeing one of the cursor you want to replace… I’ll tap out and let someone else jump in on this one haha. Good luck!

You could try forcing SetCursor (it’s a widget node) while dragging (or perhaps OnDragDetected is sufficient) - untested.
Another solution is to hide the cursor completely and use a tiny pretty widget instead and display it at cursor’s location - during dragging the event itself provide screen coordinates; haven’t tried that in a while so it’s not a 100% working solution, may blow up.

I believe Epic is working on hardware cursor support.

I gave forcing setcursor a go on tick and it flickers back and forth between the two :stuck_out_tongue: so that’s probably not much use sadly. Hiding it is probably an option though.

How would I go about hiding the cursor? Using Set Show Mouse Cursor - to off doesn’t seem to affect anything.

If you override slider’s *OnMouseCaptureBegin *you can set the cursor to the desired one. Unfortunately, as soon as you start dragging, it gets overridden (by the widget’s capture?) with the default cursor for this operation. Doing it during Tick makes it flicker from *Set *to Default

The default cursors can be found in the Engine - User Interface, unfortunately the ResizeLeftRight (two horizontal arrows that you see during sliding) is not there; it would be great if Epic exposed it (and up-down, south-east, south-west) as well. Alternatively, we’d need more granular control over widget’s cursor states if possible.

Consider filing a feature request. Feel free to quote me.

“I’ll tap out and let someone else jump in on this one haha.” - same here :expressionless:

Did anyone managed to find any work-around to this issue?

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This one right here is the SOLUTION. Mark it as resolved if u can