UMG Widget only project without 3D rendering

Hello everyone,

I’m currently contemplating whether or not to switch to UE4 for a game project I started working on, originally just as a WPF app. Since it’s supposed to be multiplayer and I’ve got a lot of experience with UE4 networking, as well as Blueprints already, this might be the better way to go. However, the project is going to be solely 2D and based on simple visual widgets, text and buttons, so I’d probably exclusively use UMG widgets as the front end, while not needing the whole rendering department, and surely no 3D.

I’d like to refrain the player from being in a rendered, empty black 3D world while I don’t actually need any of that, but I suppose there’s no way to turn that off completely, right? Even if there’s not, how would I go about making a project as ‘UMG widget only’ as possible?

Thank you in advance.

If you’re porting a WPF C# application, then you might be better off using Unity, especially if you aren’t going to be using Unreal’s rendering engine.
That said, you can also make paper 2D applications using Unreal. And if you want to go the route of UMG only, you’d probably want to disable the 3D cameras, these links might help.

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