[UMG] Widget nodes not firing in mobile preview

I am testing my mobile game in mobile preview, and my main widget doesn’t create in the preview, but it works fine in the normal play mode.

A more accurate description is that nothing on the spawned widget is firing. I have followed the debug paths from the moment it is created, which takes me inside its event construct, goes to all of the nodes, even debugging print nodes, so the game is going over them, but none are firing. The same is true for calling a function in it.

But, playing it in the normal viewport and everything works fine. It does what its supposed to, fires all of the print nodes. And, if I do a mobile preview but switch the widget to another, the new widget is constructed perfectly fine.

It is only with this one widget in the mobile preview where it doesn’t fire any nodes.

Any ideas?

If I copy the widget into a new one, it works fine. But I’m getting the same problem with another widget, so I really can’t be going around and duplicating all of my widgets and replacing them, there has to be another way.