UMG Widget Map - Zoom / Pan function?

I have a widget with a large image- a 2d top down map. How would I set something like a slider or mouse whell to zoom in/out, as well as using a mouse to drag and pan it? Something like Google earth where you can really zoom in and pan around the map.

This works (worked) and should be a decent starting point:

The example should be fleshed out with a tad more functionality, of course.

Great, thanks! I’ll take a look at that but definitely is what I’m looking for!

I’ve been trying to do this myself for a skill tree and I cannot for the life of me figure out how this is done

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The script shown in the last post should do the trick. Consider describing the issue you’re having and, ideally, how far you got and what you’ve tried.

It was flickering around everywhere for some reason. I ended up trying a different method which seems to be working perfect for now.

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Man, am I also wanting to make this kind of skill tree like you did yours? if possible could you send photos as a demonstration? because for me it’s easier to complender (I’m using google transleitor)