UMG Widget: issue with the Width on mobile

So i have been scouring the web to find the info needed to figure out a problem i am currently having with UMG. As seen below in the images i cannot get the width of the game to correctly scale to the UMG Widget. I also tried using UnrealMatch3 DPI scaling as a reference point with no avail. Any links or leads in the correct direction would be extremely helpful.

Doesn’t work that way. The game does not care what size you set the preview to in the UMG designer. The game window is going to be whatever resolution the game is running it. If you want it sized like a mobile game, you’ll need to set the defaults to have the aspect ratio of a mobile game.

Additionally - if you want a widget to take up the entire area of a canvas, you’ll need to use the anchors. Raw offsets and sizes don’t handle aspect ratio changes.

Thank you Nick Darnell, that was the info is what i needed and wanted to hear, now i can focus on the problem.