[UMG] Widget interaction does not work when launching


I’ve got quite the odd problem: I have a main menu that is completely functional when I start it in the editor. But if I built or launch my game the widget is not reacting to any mouse inputs. The mouse is visible, just the interaction won’t work. (There is no 3D menu involved. It is a simple 2D menu)

What I tried so far:

  • Switch between Set Input Mode UI Only / Set Input Mode Game And UI
  • Plug the Player Controller into the Create Widget note
  • Change the project settings for Viewport Properties and Mouse Properties

I am quite clueless right now. In hope that someone has another idea


A couple of shots in the dark here.

Could it be a layer problem? One “invisible” Widget above another.
-Are you doing the editor tests in the same resolution as the build?
-Are you spawning 2 widgets in two different places while using BeginPlay? As we do not know the order of which one is being spawned.

You might have different settings when playing in PIE vs a build.
-Are you, for example, sure that “Set Input Mode UI Only / Set Input Mode Game And UI” is being called?