UMG widget for graphs and plotting values


Could we get a UMG widget that can handle plotting values over time in a nice graph manner ?

Exactly like here, but in user friendly way, UMG style.



You can make yourself a user widget that does this with an image widget for the background, and an OnPaint override that calls DrawLines with the array of points. Don’t think we need to provide this one. If someone would like to submit a pull request for a super awesome, full featured slate graphing widget, I’ll be happy to integrate and wrap it. But I think something this simple people can do themselves.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for quick response. I was not aware of this technique, if fact it does sound pretty easy.
I asked twice before asking for this feature, but the only answer I got was not very helpful.

Thanks again,

Did you end up doing this?
I was thinking of integrating gnuplot, but if there’s a widget out there to draw plots that’d be fantastic.

@calembendell I have a free plugin available through the marketplace or my website.
It was intended primarily for debugging purposes, so it’s fairly basic and not especially pretty, but depending on your needs it might suffice.

This is perfect, thanks dude!

I ended up solving my needs by using the BLUI plugin and then plotting in HTML.
It may be a little slower, but it’s quick enough for my purposes :slight_smile: