UMG Widget Class keeps reseting to NONE

So i try to describe this as short as possible.
Engine version :4.7 preview 7

I added a UMG widget to my Character which displays a value.
And this value should be updated from the character itselft.

And as long as i dont save and close the engine everything works.
But when i actually close the engine and restart it at a later point , or try to build the project, the class of the Widget is set to None.

I could trace this issue back to the Cast node i added to call functions on the widget.
As long as i dont try to cast it to the right Class the Class is beeing saved after the restart.

I guess this is a bug or am i doing something wrong ?


Are you casting in the widget or in the player character.

Oh i should probably mention that this is a widget component
and inside the blueprint i get widget of this component .
That i try to cast

Hi Exxello, I am having the same issue, it has been working fine for the past couple of months and now it just won’t stop setting the class to none every I open the project. Again, mine is a component widget inside a blueprint.
Have you found a fix yet?

Hello, I am having this same exact problem. Its happening in my own project and as well as a clients project. Seems to happen in 4.7.

Same here.

Sounds like there’s still some outstanding issues with circular references. It’s probably being nulled out in the linker loader step because the class isn’t available to be used and a reference properly created.

Thanks, will this be resolved in a soonish release? Or do you know of a work around? As the OP said not casting to the class seems to keep it set there, however as soon as its casted it will be set to none, although some of my other casted UMG widgets work fine sometimes. So its hard to determine the exact problem, however casting seems to be the culprit.

If they could branch a version of the fix somewhere, so that I can tell the client to use that, it would be highly appreciated. Until the official fix is out, at least, thank you for the heads up.

Work has been done to try and fix this. There are clearly still ways to cause it, if you can recreate the problem in a starter project and provide that, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there,
Apologies I saw this elsewhere on the forum, an Epic Staff member said that this problem had been fixed internally and would be fixed in a future update. I thought it was an answer on this post but clearly not. That’s all I know I’m afraid.

Has that work been posted on the github latest version? Also will it be in the next hotfix/release?

Ill see if I could recreate it and get back to you then, sometimes its a bit random as some have the same set up and show up fine. I’ll get back to you in a few minutes.

I cant seem to reproduce it in a new project, however as long as I don’t cast the 3D widget it appears. I attached an image of what I did in blueprints that causes it to disappear. It only happens to certain bp’s not all of them.

I’ll keep trying with the blank project.

We experienced a similar issue. Not sure if this is exactly the same thing, but here’s the thread where we were able to resolve it with pulling in code from the latest:

i guess 4.7.4 fixed this for me

4.7.4 has fixed my issue thanks Epic!

If someone have similar problem, check what name have folder in which are those widgets - i had one special character which I didn’t noticed at the begining