UMG Widget as 3d Widget BP disappeared

Hello, I’m experimenting with UE 4.6’ UMG 3d Widget experimental features, and i found an issue.
After creating the widget and the bp, i placed it in the world, and all the buttons that i draw were displaying, but first issue, they had not the same scale.
Second issue, is that i tried to add a striped progress bar, but strips were not appearing.
Third issue is that i tried to add some throbbers, and since, nothing displays anymore (even when i remove the throbbers or create new BP and new Widget)

Also, can 3d widget be interacted with something else than cursor ? (ie: trace line or projectile)

Hello Darknoodles,

I would like to make sure that we have all of our bases covered. Could you make sure that your Resolution and your Widget component size are set to the same values. Other quick note would be to remember that by default the widget is only one sided which means that it can only be seen from one direction.

Like this:

This is my Widget (3DWidget)

This is my Actor blueprint with a Widget component (Box Widget)


As for interactions with the widget component, you can interact with it through all the ways that you would be able to interact with any other actor in your project. Such examples would be a Hit event or an Overlap event. I hope that this helps.

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Thanks, i just saw you message, i also found the resolution fix. The weird thing is that even what was in the 500x500 range was not appearing. But it’s all nice now :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

HI Rudy Triplett,
in ue4.6 how to use web browser UI Widget

Hello onlycalvin,

I would be more than happy to assist you with your issue. However, I feel that this inquiry is different enough that I will need you to post your request as a new question on the AnswerHub for tracking purposes. After you make a new AnswerHub post feel free to post a link back on this page and as I said I would be more than happy to help.

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