[UMG] Weird button interaction

I have posted below a image of the UMG widget im working on that is placed in world space. The issue I am having is that when the player walks into the collision box and is allowed access to the buttons using a mouse cursor, the buttons are only selected (testing through changing of colour when the button is moused over) when I move my mouse horizontally (marked under red in the image posted) despite the buttons are arranged vertically.
If someone could point me in the right direction what I’m doing wrong that would be great :slight_smile:

And if you place them horizontally, do they work as the should, or active zones switches to vertical layout?

When I place them horizontally, I can only hit one button and its not accurate.
Is there any forms of documentation on how UMG actually works regarding how the “hitboxes” are done when it comes to interaction?

Can you show us the widget list. Maybe an Overlay or Canvas is missing. Sometimes you get different results of what you see in the UMG editor and in the viewport.

The canvas is there, everything should be fine from my knowledge but I could be wrong :slight_smile:

It looks simple and right :smiley:

There is something wrong in your other code or bp. difficult to say.
You should look up your assets again.

I had time and have re-made your widget :smiley: :


What you cannot find on these pictures, is taken with default values (e.g. buttons and the text)

The new thing is that i have created a widget with solid rules. It is not possible to shift the buttons to a horizontal line :D…but you never know :smiley:

Tell me, if you have a progress with that.


Hey, thanks for you time in answering and recreating the widget for me! Unfortunately I tried it but wasn’t successful, I did think maybe it was myself not using horizontal/vertical layouts to control the buttons but sadly nope :stuck_out_tongue:

I had someone else attempt the same thing on a fresh project and he agrees that the world space interaction isn’t very accurate at this stage since UMG is still being fleshed out, we are surprised that this issue hasn’t appeared more often haha. So im just going to close this question by saying that we have decided to opt for when the user presses “E” then the display is shown on screen space until UMG is more stable. Again appreciate the fast response and help :smiley:

You are welcome :smiley:
By the way thats a nice alternative.