UMG vs After Effects

I asked a question in another thread about if UMG can replace After Effects for intro making and such things. Can I make all type of effects on text with UMG like I can in After Effects?

there is not!!! UMG for now is super bad and annoying(compeered to AE), it don’t support effects(like AE), you only can do base transform animation(and this realization also very bad compared to AE), but epic work on sequencer, it be a replace for Matinee, and “maybe” it can be good as AE.

Uhm what? UMG and After Effects? Two completely different things. UMG is for your UI in the game. So something you can click and/or display information.

I’m confused for the reason as stated above.

Great news :slight_smile: I thought UMG could animate text, like After Effects but it seems like I missunderstood then.

After Effects is a post production tool used for video… UE4 can do some post production effects, however, nothing like what AE can do. Likewise, UE4 can do a ton of stuff that AE cannot do.

This is like comparing apples to… dogs. Yes, this is like comparing apples to dogs.

In your original statement, it seems you want to create an introduction video. You will want to create a video in UE4 using in-game / game assets, take that video into post production, add effects (text, animations, cuts, etc… etc… etc…), and then re-import that video back into UE4 to play it during the introduction.

Yes, Im going to create a very simple 7 sekonds text-animation with two words and transform-effects. Im pretty sure UnrealEngine can handle that with ease :slight_smile:
How can I render that animation into a moviefile for playback?

In ue4 or in after effects? if in ae, then just render it out in a format ue4 can decode. do a search in the docs for movie playback

I mean, how can I render out a short frame in UnrealEngine to a moviefile for playback :slight_smile:

Thanks! I think we can set this thread to solved :slight_smile:

UMG isn’t designed to be an effects editor, or a video editor. In fact, no tools possibly with the exception of Matinee are. UMG is a User-Interface development tool.