UMG Video tutorials

So I recently messed around and started reworking my hud stuff.

But these videos cover making menus and stuff from scratch. I’m still learning, but going through it along the way is a bit easier when making vids for me.

the first one was up the other day so it should be highest quality.

It covers creating a new widget, adding buttons and positioning them.

The second vid, being processed now gives functionality to the buttons for your menu, along with loading levels and messing around with different screens such as an options screen.

The 3rd video will probably focus a bit more on bindings and having a working options system.

You can find them here:

thnx a lot :slight_smile:

New videos up!

Good job on the vids, they’ve been really helpful so far. Cant wait for more!

Thank you for these nice tutorials!

Thanks for this!!

A whole new bunch of UMG tutorials have been uploaded since my last post, even a few from the last couple of days. make sure to check them out if you are interested in creating a functional menu, game screen and more :slight_smile:

Hi, I am currently following your tutorial. Keep it up. Any chance for 1080p video in future?

If your willing to donate a 1920*1080 screen, Quite possibly. :stuck_out_tongue: