[UMG] Using Xbox 360 controllers joysticks / D-Pad to navigate menu

Hello everyone,

I already make a pause menu and I control with my mouse. However, I want it to be used with a Xbox 360 controller : using Joystick/ D-pad to move up/down. However, I’ve not any idea how to do this, despite the fact that since the 4.6 version, it is possible to use joystick to navigate in the UI. Is anyone got a clue ?


I have a method, give me a moment to take some pics of it and outline whats happening.

Okay, thank you very much ^^

WARNING: This is still very much in the works, but it may help you get an idea of how to make it work. It’s pretty messy too.

I don’t know how you are displaying your widgets but I’m assuming you are using a HUD. Mine is called MyHUD. In the MyHUD blueprint create a boolean called IsPaused and an Object Reference for the widget. Name it HUD MENU VAR.

Get this going and if it all works out, I’ll show you how to select your options.

Forgot to say when you create your custom events, be sure to add an input and make it and Object Reference to MyHUD (that’s what that New Param thing is)

Sorry for taking a lot of time to show me this, but it doesn’t resolve my problem. You see, my buttons needs to be selected, just as it does with my mouse, but this time with 360 controller.
Drawing a line is not the same thing as selecting buttons with a controller. :-/

The above was to show you how to display option being indicated. To select/execute the option give me a sec.

In your character blueprint or level blueprint make a Gampad Face Button Bottom Event
Sequence (Each Then will be a different option)
From then 0 make a branch
Get HUD REF to Get HUD Menu VAR to Get Selector Number to Float = Float (= to 0)
Plug into the condition.
From True do whatever you want.

Yeah ok, I see that, but you’re “cheating”, by drawing a line and indicating the element selected. It doesn’t solve anything in fect :stuck_out_tongue:

Already seen but I can’t get it working :-/