UMG Using a GamePad Tutorial

Hi guys
I created a tutorial for those of you that want to use a Gamepad with UMG menus or even a 3D created menu

I hope this is helpful to you

If you have any questions please let me know here, email me or post it under the video on youtube

Also if you’re interested, you can check out my game development thread here Astoroids - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums

I’ll start posting more updates soon

thank you

hey varomix,

its a great idea to solve this, thanks for sharing.

Is it still proffered way of controlling UMG with gamepad ? What if I have grid like layout ( ie. keypad for cellphone), this method would get infinitely complicated to navigate button selection.

Any other ideas?

After having few thoughts on square grid of buttons navigation, it wouldnt be that hard. But what if buttons are scattered across screen, and just by pressing Right D-Pad I want to go to closest button to the right from current.Would I have to create function that will do all this logic? Or does it exist already in UE4.9 ?