UMG - Using a 360 Controller

So far I’ve made a full UI with UMG, on screen display, settings menu, pause menu etc and it works great, aside from the mouse click bug where the game loses focus (already confirmed to being worked on/fixed)

I’ve noticed that using TAB on the keyboard you can move through buttons.

Is there currently a way to use the D-Pad or thumbstick to toggle between buttons, or set buttons to do the same thing a button would do (Pressing B would do the same as clicking the “Back” button for example)

I’m aware that UMG is experimental, so it could simply be that it’s not currently possible which I would understand.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Not possible at the moment (not enough exposed functions for interpreting the input events), in 4.5 you’ll have primitive ability to handle the input manually and do something about it. Eventually we want to do it via data, where you can just pick a widget and set a couple of properties like, when up is pressed goto this widget…etc. We also want to have some kind of auto focus system that can do it automatically just like pressing the tab key, but can use the controller direction as a hint.


Any hint as to when this will work?

We’re working on it now, so some portion of it will be in 4.6.

Looking forward to it! A QuickShot tutorial would really help.

Hey Nick, is there an update or timeline on this? I’m still trying to sort out how to use the d-pad to navigate UMG menus.

Hello ,

You could use the On Key down over ride in combination with the set focus node to allow you to navigate the UMG menu with the D-pad. I hope that this helps.

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