UMG use "Wrap with: Button" on Canvas Panel


I’m creating a piece of content made up of several images and text, one of the images and the text is dynamic. However I want to make it a clickable button to make use of UMG’s capability to create tints to show hover/pressed states for the entire content.

Since button widgets can only have 1 child I can’t select all the pieces and use “wrap with → button”. (UMG creates a button as the parent for each item when I attempt ). So my natural thought was to use “wrap with → button” on the canvas panel which contains all the items. Simple right?

Except it doesn’t work, instead I get :

Does anyone know how to fix ? Or is my approach entirely wrong and if so can someone suggest a workaround?


It’s way too late to answer but I think I may have just found a way to accomplish what you were looking for, via an “Overlay”.

Here’s what I did. (Not sure if it’ll help solve your predicament, but it may.)

  • Created a new UMG widget blueprint
  • Added an “Overlay” to the Canvas Panel
  • Dragged 2 “Text” widgets and an “Image” onto the “Overlay” and it sucked’em in with open arms.
  • Wrapped that, now parent, Overlay in a Button and shipped it.

Here’re a couple screenshots to show what it looks like.