UMG URichTextBlock won't parse my text

Hello! Hoping Nick or someone trying to use URichTextBlock in UMG can help me out here.

I’d like to use URichTextBlock, and I see there is some code there to use it and I have it available in the designer after changing UCLASS(experimental) to just UCLASS(), but it wont pass my text into the parsing mechanics in RichTextMarkupProcessing. Why would this be? I’m assuming that is where it will do its parsing work.

I suspect this decorator stuff is the key, but it’s kind of magical to me. I’m setting the text of the widget in the designer, and it shows up in game but with all the markup (it’s not getting parsed.)

Also, when using UCLASS(experimental) – what is the preferred way to turn this on in the editor? I just removed the experimental from UCLASS and I can use URichTextBlock now, but that feels kinda hacky…

Also, I’m using the 4.8 release branch.


That hacky sense you’re feeling is completely intentional. It’s not in a state designed for human consumption. You’re going to need to be well versed in the slate implementation and be ready to dive in and figure out many things about how the decorators work. For starters, the formatting format is,

<decorator attribute="attributeValue">content?</>

Right, so not for the faint of heart, got it! It wouldn’t be any fun without a challenge, I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Nick!

Made a little progress. Made a lot of missteps but they were educational. I think I understand the decorator/parsing/run mechanics better now.