UMG - Upon stopping animation, colors are not resetting.

I have created an animation in the UMG editor for my Health Display HUD. I made the animation to flash and change the text and icon to be red in color when the animation is played, however when I stop the animation it does not change the color values back to white. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions are appreciated! :slight_smile:
Other Info: I am indeed using the bindings on the tints

There is no obvious mistakes. Are you sure False path is executing?

Otherwise try to hard set color (without binding)

Did a print string to check if the false path was executing, can confirm it is. The color is already hard set for white, and the color change red on the true path doesn’t work either, so I have a feeling its something to do with the bindings.

Yeah, clear bindings and just set colors of bar and text widgets.

Tried that too, unfortunately it did not work. I will post a dirty work-around I came up with in a moment.

So, I made a very dirty work-around to the issue. I created a new animation to reset the color, consisting of only a few frames. Upon the health being above 30 HP I played the animation (color setting animation), stopped it immediately and set it to only play the animation once.

If anyone has any better suggestions or a solution to the original question, please do reply with it. For now, I will use this temporary fix.

Here is the spaghetti junction:

I double checked your case. You’re right, bindings don’t work! When I said hard set color I meant:


It works perfectly!

Good luck!

Thanks for another suggestion, I will give it a shot! :slight_smile:

Hey, it worked! Thanks man!

Good luck then!) And please don;t forget to accept the answer for searching purpose.

In the end, [@Two-faced][1] was able to suggest something that seemed more proper and actually worked! Here’s how it was done.