UMG uniform grid panel and children control

Hello, looking for some ideas to create dynamic uniform grid panel and buttons (or another slots) inside it from variable raw and column size.

Then addressing those children as (x,y) coordinates.

thnx for the help. But doesn’t that makes the column and rows same?

the columns and rows can be any size you want, they don’t have to be the same size. it just takes the data that goes beyond the row width, and carries it onto the next line.

its like word wrap in a text editor. you have a 1 dimensional list of letters, and if they go beyond the max number of letters in a row, it wraps onto the next row.

to convert from ( i ) to ( x, y ) you would use ( i % RowWidth , floor( i / RowWidth ) )

understood your point. Will try that. thnx again :slight_smile: