[UMG] Unfamiliar with C++, How does one go about seeing if the mouse is hovering over a NON button?

Trying to wrap up a UE4 project and I’m stuck on a couple things. One of my bigger problems can be solved by making an area of my HUD recognize when the mouse is hovering over that area, but the only way I know how to check if the mouse is hovering over an area is with the Button.

How can I create an empty area that would recognize my mouse hovering over it?

I would super appreciate any help! Thanks.

Custom widget overriding onMouseEnter/Leave will let you know whether the mouse cursor is in the specific area of the UI.

I figured it had something to do with mouse Enter/Leave I was messing around with it last night but I couldn’t figure out how to set anything useful up, if you don’t mind me asking, could you create a small example? I’m not sure what you mean by overriding the onMouse Enter/Leave :slight_smile:

Hey just wanted to add some closure, I found what I needed to do with this thread:

Thanks for your reply though, Everynone!