UMG/UI Workflow Whys and doing things the Unreal Way

UMG and UI documentation still feels weak for the why’s and best practices. Yes I know there is a page of best practices, but if you watch videos with anyone making a working UI they make lots of widgets and embed them for specific reasons. The setup and reasons for that workflow is not well documented. Working in UMG can get messy, and confusing.

Workflows that take performance costs and considerations.
Workflows that make sure the UI scales to different aspect ratios properly, and/or how best to handle text boxes, especially when translations can be much longer than the original text.

How to make sure your UI keeps working with controllers and keyboard/mouse.

I’ve seen some asset store UI’s use fake buttons to make sure the controllers can press, is that not necessary, or was that workflow not the unreal way? (the “Unreal Way” or the “Maya Way” is the way things work best because its in line with how the system was designed, not more “creative” solutions) Getting someone from the Epic who’s a fulltime Sr. UI designer to do a talk like Jay Hosfelt did with Animaiton would be invaluable. So much is cleared up when they just show their workflow and casually drop in why they do this or that.

A lot of tutorials around UI just say do this, then this, then this, then this, and you get that. Celeste does a great job in her one UI video. I’d love more of that but searching through the youtube pages is rough. There used to be play lists that were easy to find, now the way the channel is setup (from youtube’s design) its hard to find older playlists on specific topics, or even more videos like that.

Hello daveSchoneveld,

Thank you for providing your feedback. Our team has many priorities outlined for this year. We will continue to evaluate feedback from the community, as we strive to improve multiple areas of existing UE4 documentation for this coming year.