UMG UI Text Box Word Wrap

How can I enable auto word wrapping inside text boxes?

Hello Executron,

Currently, there is no option to auto-wrap text boxes, although this can be done with text blocks. I have gone ahead and entered a feature request to add this functionality to text boxes: UE-22454.

As another option, you can use a TextBox(Multi-Line).

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Sean Flint

Any further word on this?

We are working on a dialogue system that can be configured with public variables… this is a real issue for us right now. The TextBox(Multi-Line doesnt allow for functions… and the TextBox doesnt have the wrap text feature.

Would love to see that added!

Actually, looks like we solved our problem using a “Text Box”. That has the Binding function and the text wrap. Working great.

Hm, can you tell me where’s text wrap function on “Text Box”?

For the wrap function, take a look at using a text block or a multi-line text box. Both of these have options to wrap text.

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So much fun! I need to do a chat system and allow users to copy text from the chat:

  • “Text” Has the Wrapping but can’t be highlighed
  • “Text Box” has the highlight option and ReadOnly, but doesn’t have the wrap
  • “Text Multiline” Has the highlight and wrap, but doesn’t have the Read-Only option…

raaah !

Can you make a feature request to to this via the text render component? Or the Text3D plugin? Neither seem to have this feature, unless I’m missing something.

Just bumping this feed with an update. You can wrap text with a Multi-Line Text Box. I’m including some code for doing so with an array.

In this case I get what was typed in one box and display it in another showing the player’s errors.