UMG UI Image brighter than original


I have a strange problem and can’t find a solution:
The picture I want to set as a background image for a menu looks perfectly fine until I put it into the UMG Image widget. There it is too bright/ kinda desaturated. I haven’t changed any settings of the image widget or canvas panel, if I replace it with any other image, it looks normal. I also have tried every compression settings but nothing worked.
Anyone else had this issue and maybe found a solution? :confused:


had this problem today as well. In my case the sRGB checkbox in the textures details panel was not selected.

Bumping since I’m having the same issue still.
But checking [sRGB] actually brightens the Texture itself in my case and doesn’t change anything in the Widget :confused:

Any further assistance greatly appreciated!

sRGB unchecked

sRGB checked

Under Source color Settings, change it to s

RGB Also

Well done and thank you.