UMG/UI Gamepad, Keyboard, Mousse focus issues

Hi all,

I have been trying to figure out why I am running into issues with UI/UMG focus problems. Basically I have a very simple Test UI, it has 2 buttons in a vertical box and a image behind them. On event create I set keyboard focus to the top button and when the game starts, both the keyboard, gamepad and mouse work well. However as soon as I click anywhere there is not a button (i.e. the background image) the buttons lose focus and the keyboard/gamepad will not longer work. (unless I click on a button with the mouse again to bring it into focus)

This all would make sense to me but I have the UI setup to be “Set input mode UI only” and have set all the other panels/ non-button elements (background image, etc) self hit test invisible. (I have also tried setting these to other settings from the visibility drop down but seems to make no difference)

Here is the UMG setup…

Here is the graph for the UMG…

Here is the issue in the viewport…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I have also tried it in the world as a 3d widget and endup running into the same issues of focus.

Thanks in advance,

Also a related but separate question to above… can anyone tell me if its actually possible to use the Keyboard with a 3d UI widget for navigation? As it works in the editor but when i package the keyboard navigation no longer work.

Is this the right forum to ask these questions? I had a look through the sub headings for each forum but could not find any that mentioned UI or UMG. I was between content creation and Blueprints as they seemed the most relevant but now wondering if it should have been in blueprints rather than content creation?

I have a few more issues on top of the ones above but don’t want to clog up the wrong thread.


I’ve been battling with UMG UI…

Anyway, for your first question, if you have only one widget on the screen, as long as you can store the reference to whatever widget you had last selected, you can use the “Even on Removed from Focus Path” to “Set User Focus” back to the previous widget.

Thank you JoSf, I will give this a try when I get back to UI. Thanks again.