UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide needs update

I’m new to Unreal Engine and I just started trying to learn how to use UMG UI Designer. So far the learning process has not been smooth. I started with UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide and got stuck at the very first section 1. Required Project Setup (…t/1/index.html). Step 11 of this page says “Drag off the Event Begin play then add a Create Widget node with Class set to your HUD Widget Blueprint.” But Event Begin play already exists in FirstPersonCharacter’s Event Graph connecting to whole bunch of nods. It doesn’t allow me to add a second Event Begin play, and I have no idea what to do. Then I tried going to HUD Widget Blueprint and see if I can add Event Begin play there. But Event Begin play is not available in HUD Widget Blueprint! I googled and found this:…ent-graph.html Apparently I should use Event Construct. I don’t know if this was changed with version updates (I’m on 4.18.0), but whenever you make new changes, please also update your documentation.

The screenshots in Step 6, 7, & 8 are also confusing. Here’s the Step 6 screenshot:

It’s not what I see in 4.18.0. I get either Single Variable
or Array
Not both!

Step 6, 7, & 8 don’t explain what this “container” thing is. As a newbie with no programming knowledge, this is just very confusing.

I hope you can somehow solidify your learning resources to help newbies like me. Thank you in advance!

I don’t think this is an issue. Containers are not really relevant for UI, unless you create Widgets dynamically in an Array.
The first page isn’t about UMG at all, it’s just how to setup your Blueprints first (And imo it’s okay to show an outdated version here, since the UMG Doc is still relevant and not outdated only the Variable/Container stuff is outdated, which is not relevant to the UMG steps).
If you don’t know what a container is, you should read the doc pages about containers.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. What confused me is not an issue for you because you already know Unreal to a certain level. I was writing from the perspective of a total newbie with zero knowledge of Unreal and no clue about scripting and logic. The Quick Start Guide was not helping me to quick start. I was just hoping developers at Epic can spend some time to update their knowledge base and make it easier for beginners in the future. I actually found the UMG UI Inventory tutorial through a forum post recommendation. It is a lot better than the Quick Start Guide. The same pre-existing Event Begin play problem with the First Person project template, but I learnt how to break the link and was able to continue.

Thank you xmerz ! I also met this issue in V4.19, “**Event Begin play **already exists” . I googled it, and found your answer which helps me a lot. Fot this guide, we should break the link ,and use the pre-existing Event Begin play node.

Hey xmerz, thank you so much for the feedback on the UMG Quick Start. I have created a task to update the outdated images and steps you mention in your original post.

As nikoong mentions, you can find the “Event Begin Play” node in the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint and disconnect it from the branch node and complete steps 11 - 13 as they are in the current guide. After adding the “Add to Viewport” node, connect the out pin back into the branch node. I’ll add some updated images here for now and I will update you when I have the page updated as well.

Your variables should look like the images below (4.19)

  1. Alt + Click the exec connection on the branch node as shown below to disconnect the Event Begin Play node from the Branch node.

  2. Click and drag the Event Begin Play node to the left to give yourself some room to follow steps 11-13 in the quick start guide.

  3. After completing step 13, reconnect the out pin of the “Add to Viewport” node to the Branch node.