UMG Tool Tip Widget Option is not Available

Hi there. I’ve upgrade my project to UE5.0 EA and found that the Tool Tip Widget option is no longer available for user widget blueprint. Fortunately, the bound tool tip widgets are still exists. But I cannot create new binding function any more.

Does anyone has any idea? Any response is appreciated, thank you.

Same here!!!

Here is how I got it. Expose the SizeBox (or whatever box) that the Tooltip Widget needs to be set. Then in the Event Graph, set the Tooltip Widget on that SizeBox (or whatever box).

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried as you said. Create a new UserWidget and added a SizeBox with IsVariable checked. But there is no blueprint node available for SizeBox class about setting Tool Tip Widget. Another thing I metioned is, when I scroll down the Detail panel about to Tool Tip Widget option at the first time, the IDE will hit break point at following line.

if ( !ensure(bIsEditable && bDoSignaturesMatch) )

DetailWidgetExtensionHandler.cpp Line: 61

Seems there are some logical issue about current version of engine. And caused the Tool Tip Widget option is unavailable now.

Still a problem in August 21 :smiley:

I just got around this by having the custom tooltip show when the On Mouse Enter event occurs.


Thank you sir. Was having same issue, and my work around was very buggy when mouse overlapped tooltip. This is smooth as butter. Didn’t know about Set Tool Tip Function:

Added bonus - can handle cursor type selection as well set a set cursor there! Who knew!

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The widget itself won’t let you set a tooltip, but you can set one from your “root” component, be it overlay/border/vertical box, whatever. You’ll probably have to make sure the root component’s visibility is set to “Visible” for traces, though.