UMG Texture Atlas


I’m developing a game that needs +200 icons for buttons. I wonder is there’s any way to pack all textures in photoshop and use it in unreal as a texture atlas.
if there is, what’s the workflow?


A sample for texture atlas:



You can use Paper 2D, is a default Plugin to UE4 that allows you to create Sprites from a one Texture and use them in UMG.

"To create a series of Sprites from a Sprite Sheet Texture:

  1. In the Content Browser, Right-click on the Sprite Sheet Texture, then under Sprite Actions choose Extract Sprites.
  2. Individual Sprites will be automatically extracted and added to the Content Browser."

Source: Paper 2D Sprites in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

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thanks. but is there any way that unreal engine use them as a single texture atlas? is this possible? or unreal make Atlas automatically on cooking contents.

If you set up your sprites to be grid based you can do it. Copy the functionality or directly use the flipbook node in material, but drive the time with a fixed scalar value so you can pick your sprite by hand. Then either make material instances for each element setting the atlas to use with that scalar parameter, or more automatic, create a dynamic material instance in UMG and set it programmatically.

I’d like to know this as well. I’m not sure what happens behind the scene, does going this route with sprites is more performance / memory easy or just adding separate image files is better.

Hello, This is late but for others seeking,

  1. Take the object into 3ds Max.
  2. Apply ‘UnwrapUVW’ modifier.
  3. Make a copy of your material in material editor,
  4. in the copy, put your Atlas in the Diffuse slot. (this makes it available to show in the background on UnwrapUVW so you can align the UVWs)
  5. then go into the UnwrapUVW and click UVW Editor,
  6. at the lower right you can pick what UVs (Material ID’s) you want to see, or ALL,
  7. Go into the upper right and find your Atlas image name in the drop down, select it.
    With it in the background, you can now:
  8. select, scale, move, zoom, pan, and rotate to move/scale your UV’s into proper place!
  9. Then collapse and
  10. make sure your material now reflects to new layout and Voila’!

Come seek me out if you need help, I don’t mind helping. I think I made a video on this on my channel:

Just make Paper2D Sprites from your texture atlas and then you can use them in UMG widget