UMG Textbox: insert Character


I can add a textbox to my widget, my widget to my HUD. Enabling the cursor, I can click into that box and the keyboard focus is set automatically. I´m able to type in where ever I want, everything working out of the box.

I´m working on a Virtual Reality project and need to use a textbox for inserting strings (creating save file name).
For VR I created a widget that contains a keyboard. On press of a button a event dispatcher is called that sends the corresponding KeyStructure. I can now TextBox->GetText->ToString->Append, Textbox->SetText. Works fine as it is. But how would I go about inserting a character between others: “Hllo”->“Hello”? I can´t figure out how to get the position of the text cursor.

Another possibility, which would be the prefered as well, would be: faking keyboard input. Like OnButtonPress->SendToInputStream.

Ok, there is a tutorial for it. But how to do it is far away from how you would do it out of the box.

Thanks for the tutorial anyway.