UMG Textbox: insert Character


I can add a textbox to my widget, my widget to my HUD. Enabling the cursor, I can click into that box and the keyboard focus is set automatically. I´m able to type in where ever I want, everything working out of the box.

I´m working on a Virtual Reality project and need to use a textbox for inserting strings (creating save file name).
For VR I created a widget that contains a keyboard. On press of a button a event dispatcher is called that sends the corresponding KeyStructure. I can now TextBox->GetText->ToString->Append, Textbox->SetText. Works fine as it is. But how would I go about inserting a character between others: “Hllo”->“Hello”? I can´t figure out how to get the position of the text cursor.

Another possibility, which would be the prefered as well, would be: faking keyboard input. Like OnButtonPress->SendToInputStream.

Ok, there is a tutorial for it. But how to do it is far away from how you would do it out of the box.

Thanks for the tutorial anyway.

What became of this tutorial? The link gives a 404 error and I can’t figure out the search words to find it.