UMG - Textblock Font Size

Hey All,

Not sure if this was removed, but how do you change the font size of a text block in game? You used to be able to do a set style from a widget variable but that is no longer the case. I’ve been looking a bit and tried many things. Am I just missing something obvious?


the block itself contains the text, just click the text itself inside the block then the font size should show up and you should be able to change it

I don’t think the font itself is bindable or changeable w/o creating a struct reference etc etc

If you click on a text block in your UMG Designer in your details panel under Appearance you can change the font and size.


Hope that helps.

I’ve tried changing it via the struct reference that exists but that doesn’t work either.

@inQonsole - I know how to change it via the editor. I meant changing it via blueprint.

There used to be a simple setstyle node you could use but it seems to be removed.