UMG - TextBlock (4.6.1) doesn't has "SetStyle" node, how to change font at runtime?

I noticed that TextBlocks has the node to “Make” a style, but has not an entry to “Set” it.
I can access color, and other appearance area details, but didn’t got a way to change the font.

My idea is make a “base” widget with a graphic novel style balloon, but change the font (TTFs, Runtime) to reflect character’s changes on dialogue.

Is there any Casting or whatever I can do to achieve this?


SOLVED! (While I don’t know if this will mess something).

Watching the API docs I’ve seen the Font property marked as EditDefaultsOnly, and there is no method SetFont() on the base TextBlock class.
Inherited the TextBlock, did a method to override the font with a new FSlateFontInfo and after assign the value, called “SynchronizeProperties()” on the same method.
It’s working both on PIE and Standalone.