UMG text rotation boundary

The rotation of a text box in a widget blueprint is not working properly. There is a visible clamping of the canvas borders, the text box boundaries are confusingly retained when rotated, and its settings work as if not rotated. Here are some examples: and

I’ve tried several workarounds but the result is a mess, and I’m aware that the clamping issue is all ready reported here:

but besides the clamping of a umg item, the text box settings like alignment and justification in a rotated state are unusable.

Can you please tell me if this “bug” is already identified. And is the ue4 development team plan to fix it soon.

I also have the same problem. It seems weird that such a crucial feature would be ignored by the devs for over 2 years. I’ve seen that others are also requesting for this to be fixed.

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