UMG Text Odd Behavior. Text not updating like it should

I basically have a function which creates a new list item and adds it to a list view, during creation it sets a few variables used to populate the text within the list item. When viewed from within the Add Item function all variables appear to be set correctly. The text is then bound to a function which checks the variable and updates the text accordingly. When checked from within that bound function the variable is its default value but when checked from anywhere else with a print state it is the value it should be and not defaut. What am I missing here? I cant for the life of me figure it out.

this is the function that adds the list item and populates the variables. When using a print statement at the end and pulling it back out of the list it returns the correct value.

Here is one of my bound functions and when using a print statement here it returns the default value even after the “Add Item” function should have populated it.

Here is proof of function binding.

Please help, I’m pulling my hair out over what is likely a small mistake on my part.