UMG Text Not Displaying Proper Value

I have multiple sub-nested UMG UI widgets that are dynamically generated by pulling data from a DataTable. Everything else is working fine, only thing not working is getting the name of the items in the collection to display their name. For some reason it’s adding other random characters to the end and only displaying part of the value.

To give the attached pictures some context, I have a UI widget that loops through all the different Collection DataTables I have and populates the “Collection” widget. The “Collection” screen widget then loops through all the data within it’s particular DataTable and populates itself with all the items (e.g. CapName and CapTexture). CapTexture is displaying the texture properly and as you can see during the PrintString, it’s displaying the proper title of the CapName on screen, but then when displaying this inside of a Text widget, it only prints the “Common” part properly, then sometimes nothing afterwards and sometimes it adds random characters (D, E, M, O, etc…). Even stranger that the values spell out “DEMO” lol Everything in each sub-widget is being set on Event Construct.

No clue why… Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Fixed it!

It happened to be that the font I was using, didn’t have numbers within it and it spelled out ‘DEMO’ where 2, 3, 4 and 5 were supposed to be. Lesson learned.

Hope this will help someone else, who may run into this issue in the future.